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The Bearing Spacer is your Tilt quality bearing spacer. These spacers are precision ground to tight tolerance. Your wheels are more likely to be dialed with Tilt's bearing spacers. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (16mm Length): 0.5oz per pair Material: Precision ground 52100 steel COMPATIBILITY Wheels (16mm Length): 30 x 120 INCLUDED Two spacers
The Better Bearing Kit squashes the myth of Abec ratings. A quality rubber seal helps prevent dirt and moisture from entering the bearing. Light grease in place of industry standard oil provides long-term lubrication. The precision chrome steel spacers are durable and will not compress under high loads, helping your wheels stay dialed by preventing bearings from seizing. These bearings don't say Abec, and Tilt doesn't want them to. If you want a fast, quality bearing that doesn't get crunchy with age, you'll want the Better Bearings. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 1.8oz Bearing: Pregreased Spacer: Precision ground 52100 steel COMPATIBILITY Wheels: 24mm Width Bearings: 608 Axle: M8 INCLUDED Four bearings and two spacers
Selects Will "WhiteTrashWilly" Signature Color and Design featuring his push figure. SPECIFICATIONS Grit: No. 80 Fine Size: 7.0 "x 24.0" COMPATIBILITY Deck: Up to 7.0" x 24.0" INCLUDED One sheet
CLAMP BOLTS The Clamp & Compression Bolt is a custom bolt that is for use with most Tilt clamps and compression. Grease is recommended to maximize the clamping power wherever you use them. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 0.4oz each Material: Heat-treated alloy steel Thread: M8 Allen Key: 6mm COMPATIBILITY Clamp Bolt (M8): All Tilt clamps & compression Compression Thread (M8): All Tilt forks post 2016 Compression Washer (M8): All Tilt compression washers post 2016 INCLUDED Four bolts
The Emporium Griptape is a one time production in this colorway. That means you'll have a unique setup and won't run into too many homies with this exact style. Either get it while you can or wait for the next color drop! SPECIFICATIONS Grit: No. 80 Fine Size: 6.5" x 23.0" COMPATIBILITY Deck: Up to 6.5" x 23" INCLUDED One sheet
The Flush 5 axle system is the next step in front end scooter technology. Designed specifically for flush fit, this axle does not protrude from the fork protecting you from snags and grabs while grinding. Precisely manufactured 5mm drives prolong life and minimize the tools needed. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (24mm Length): 0.7oz Weight (30mm Length): 0.7oz Allen Key: 5mm Drives Material: Heat-treated alloy steel COMPATIBILITY Fork (24mm Length): Tomahawk, Nimbus, Legacy Fork (30mm Length): Rigid, Stage I Pegs: Not recommended INCLUDED One axle
The Flex Fender Kit is a custom piece of hardware by Tilt. When used with compatible Tilt decks, the bolts sit flush to the top of the deck making sure you don't feel the fender bolt when riding. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 2.5oz COMPATIBILITY Deck: Theorem Complete, Stage I INCLUDED One fender, one dampener, two brake bolts
The Fixed Fender Kit is a custom piece of hardware by Tilt. When used with compatible Tilt decks, the bolts sit flush to the top of the deck making sure you don't feel the fender bolt when riding. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 0.9oz COMPATIBILITY Deck: Stage I, Method, Tilt Completes & Builds INCLUDED One fixed fender, one dampener, two bolts
The Compression Bolt & Washer comes with 1 Compression Washer and 1 Clamp/Compression Bolt. These are precision machined options made by Tilt for riders who want a dialed setup. You'll find these included with all Tilt SCS, and these are a good upgrade compared to many other stock options in the industry. SPECIFICATIONS Washer Weight: 0.2oz Bolt Weight: 0.4oz Washer Material: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Bolt Material: Heat-treated alloy steel Bolt Thread: M8 Bolt Allen Key: 6mm COMPATIBILITY Compression: SCS and SCS LT Fork (M8 Compression Thread): All Tilt forks post 2016 INCLUDED One washer and one bolt
The Metra Grips are designed with comfort in mind. With thin ribs and wide rib spacing, these grips are the perfect blend of softness and durability. The pattern on the Metra grip is inspired by the connecting public transport lines running through the heart of big cities. These lines connect people from one side of the city to the next, just like how your hands are connected to your scooter through this grip. The Metra Grips are for you if you like a soft, small diameter grip. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 3.7oz incl bar plugs Length: 155.0mm Diameter: 30.5mm Design: Symmetrical, reversible design per rider preference INCLUDED Two grips and two bar plugs
The Shim is a step down shim for riding different size handlebars. Shims allow you to use 1-¼" handlebars. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (38.1mm Height): 0.6oz Weight (45.9mm Height): 0.7oz Weight (47.6mm Height): 0.7oz Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum COMPATIBILITY SCS (38.1mm Height): Classic, Arc, Stage I SCS (45.9mm Height): Rigid Double Clamp (47.6mm Height): Classic, Arc INCLUDED One shim
STAGE I HANDLEBARS The Stage I Handlebar is crafted to be the best balance of strength and price. As far as we know, these bars are the only T-bar available that is heat-treated after welding. Tilt's unique heat-treat process strengthens the material to decrease risk of bends and cracks. You get incredible strength at a fair pricepoint. If you're looking for steel bars, you honestly can't go wrong with the Stage I Handlebar. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 2.9lb Material: Heat-treated 4130 cro-moly steel Size: 24" W X 28.0" H Backsweep: 0.0° Upsweep: 0.0° Steertube: 3D Formed COMPATIBILITY Clamp & Compression: Standard 1-¼"
The Stage I Fork is your best choice for a wallet friendly, aftermarket fork. This fork is the only fork in this price range that includes a flush fitting axle and trusted Tilt quality. You'll have smoother grinds and less wear and tear when it comes to getting your axle in and out. The Stage I Fork also provides flexible wheel compatibility, so you can ride a wider gamut of wheels. Your wallet won't be broken, and you'll have one of the best forks in the game. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 11.7oz incl hardware Material: Forged and anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Offset: 10mm COMPATIBILITY Compression Thread: M8 Headset: 1-1/8" Threadless Steertube: 1-1/8 x 6.0" Threadless Axle: F5 Axle - 30mm Length Wheel Spacers: M8 x 3.0mm Length Wheel Size: 24 x 110mm - 30 x 120mm INCLUDED F5 Axle and wheel spacers Does NOT includes M8 Washer and M8 Bolt
The Stage I SCS brings you the same features and strength as Tilt's higher end clamps in a simplified design. Just like Tilt's other SCS, custom bolts with a 6mm hex key drive and 50% larger threads provide more clamping power and help keep your bars in place and compression tight. Every clamp bolt from Tilt comes with pre-applied anti-seize to prevent the bolts from seizing to the clamp. This clamp will have you joining the ranks of thousands of riders who trust Tilt SCS. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 8.8oz incl hardware Material: Forged and anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Height: 3.0" Hardware: Pregreased custom bolts COMPATIBILITY Handlebars: Standard 1-¼" and oversized 1-?" Shim: 38.1mm Height Clamp & Compression Bolts: M8 Compression Washer: M8 Fork: 1-?" Threadless steertube INCLUDED Clamp and compression bolts, compression washer, and shim
The Topo Two Grips builds off of an inverted Topo Grip. Instead of the ribs being thick and the spacing thin, the Topo Two Grips have thin ribs and wider rib spacing. The result is a soft and comfortable grip. The organic, abstract pattern makes sure you find comfort no matter where your hands find them rolling into the trick. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 4.4oz incl bar plugs Length: 165.0mm Diameter: 31.0mm Design: Topographical Map-Influenced INCLUDED Two grips and two bar plugs
WHEEL SPACERS The Wheel Spacers are utilized to ride different wheel widths in compatible forks and decks. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (3mm Length): 0.1oz per pair Material: Steel COMPATIBILITY Deck (3mm Length): Theory, Theory 002, Ten Year, Theory 3, Stage I, Formula Fork (3mm Length): Rigid, Stage I INCLUDED Two spacers
Let Apollo, the sun god, shine some light on your setup! The Fuzion Pro Scooter Apollo wheels are our all new spoked 110mm wheels. Our unique and famous 88a PU formula offers a perfect balance of grip and speed. Specs: Weight: 0.5lbs/8oz per wheel Wheel Diameter: 110mm Urethane Width: 24mm Core Width: 24mm Core Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Urethane Rating: 88A Bearings: Abec-9 Sold: In Pairs
$49.99 $74.99 33% Off
This is Leo Spencers second signature wheel with Fuzion and we definitely think he stepped it up for this version. Leo's V2 signature wheel features a clear blue urethane on an anodized black core with a pug graphic. If you want to support one of the worlds most gifted scooter riders, grab your Fuzion Leo Spencer V2 signature wheels today. Specs: Weight: 15.2 oz (pair) Size: 110mm Core Width: 24mm Urethane Width: 24mm Core Material: Aluminum Urethane Rating: 88a Bearings included: Yes Sold in: Pairs
Stop riding thin, skinny grips and get your hands on the Hex. The new grip from Fuzion is going to change your ride with its super-wide design and extra plush feel. The Hex is perfect for any riding style. Our trademark Hex pattern takes this classic grip design to the next level, adding support to increase comfort and durability. The Hex performs as well brand new as it does session after session thanks to its unique formula and optimized design.
$39.99 $74.99 47% Off
Weight: 0.46lbs/7.4oz Wheel Diameter: 110mm Urethane Width: 24mm Core Width: 24mm Core Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Urethane Rating: 88A Bearings: Abec-9 Sold: In Pairs
Introducing the latest wheel design to join the Fuzion empire! The Fuzion Imperial 110mm Wheels are both incredibly strong and light. The unique CNC hollowcore cutouts allow it to be one of the lightest wheels on the market while the forged 6061 aluminum makes it one of the strongest. Equipped with our famous 88a PU formula that make our wheels that offer unparalleled grip and control. These Imperial wheels are everything you need to take your riding to the next level. Specs: Weight: 0.48lbs/7.7oz per wheel Wheel Diameter: 110mm Urethane Width: 24mm Core Width: 24mm Core Material: Forged 6061 T6 Aluminum Urethane Rating: 88A Bearings: Abec-9 Sold: In Pairs
$59.99 $99.99 40% Off
Strong, light, & ultra compatible. We re-enter the fork game with our new Paradox fork. This fork is an absolute monster that sets a new standard in the pro scooter industry. Specs: Weight With All Hardware & Shim: 0.77lbs / 12.3oz Weight Bare: 0.55lbs / 8.86oz Compression Type: HIC/SCS Compression Bolt Type: M8 Material: 7075 Forged Aluminum Wheel Size Compatibility: up to 125mm Wheel Width Compatibility: up to 30mm Axel Compatibility: 8STD & 12STD Steer Tube Length: 5.75" Integrated Crown Race: Yes Hardware Included: HIC KIT,24 & 30mm spacers for 8 & 12std Axles
$39.99 $59.99 33% Off
These boys are THICC! Let us introduce you to our all new 30mm wheels! Designed to be the ultimate wheel for control and speed. The combination of the 110mm diameter and 30mm width allows you to have the control and grip needed to make tighter turns faster than ever. Specs: Weight: 0.6lbs/9.7oz per wheel Wheel Diameter: 110mm Urethane Width: 30mm Core Width: 30mm Core Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Urethane Rating: 88A Bearings: Abec-9 Sold: In Pairs
Compatible with 2018 - 2022 Z-Series models.
Ethic Compression Key 6mm, to be used with the Ethic Compression Screw 6mm and ICS Forks.
Basic Ethic griptape, small grain but cheap. Logo print. - Length: 21,3 in (540mm) - Width: 4,9 in (125mm)
Weight: 0.14 lbs (63g)
Ethic Deck Axle. (Erawan, Pandemonium, Lindworm V2)
Evolution of the Ethic DTC aluminum bar. 20mm slimmer and 90 lighter than the Dryade v1 but stronger on the top tube and over the slit. - 6061-T6 - Height : 570 mm (22.5 in) / 620 mm (24.4 in) / 670 mm ( 26.4 in) - Width : 560 mm (22 in) - 34.9 diameter - 3° back sweep - SCS conversion shim included - Weight : 655 g (570) / 695 g (620) / 730 g (670) Available in Black / Raw.
The Ethic Rubber grips are very famous because of the price, the hardness, the size and the comfort. - Soft - Length: 170mm - Diameter: 32mm
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