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Scooter Parts

Medium grain griptape. - Length: 23 in (590mm) - Width: 6.3 in (160mm)
$8.79 $10.99 20% Off
Vital Scooters High Quality Griptape Sheet 585mm/23" Long 152mm/6" Wide
Vital TPR Handgrips 160mm Long Nylon bar ends Weight: 0.10kgs/0.22lbs
The Bearing Spacer is your Tilt quality bearing spacer. These spacers are precision ground to tight tolerance. Your wheels are more likely to be dialed with Tilt's bearing spacers. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (16mm Length): 0.5oz per pair Material: Precision ground 52100 steel COMPATIBILITY Wheels (16mm Length): 30 x 120 INCLUDED Two spacers
CLAMP BOLTS The Clamp & Compression Bolt is a custom bolt that is for use with most Tilt clamps and compression. Grease is recommended to maximize the clamping power wherever you use them. SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 0.4oz each Material: Heat-treated alloy steel Thread: M8 Allen Key: 6mm COMPATIBILITY Clamp Bolt (M8): All Tilt clamps & compression Compression Thread (M8): All Tilt forks post 2016 Compression Washer (M8): All Tilt compression washers post 2016 INCLUDED Four bolts
The Flush 5 axle system is the next step in front end scooter technology. Designed specifically for flush fit, this axle does not protrude from the fork protecting you from snags and grabs while grinding. Precisely manufactured 5mm drives prolong life and minimize the tools needed. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (24mm Length): 0.7oz Weight (30mm Length): 0.7oz Allen Key: 5mm Drives Material: Heat-treated alloy steel COMPATIBILITY Fork (24mm Length): Tomahawk, Nimbus, Legacy Fork (30mm Length): Rigid, Stage I Pegs: Not recommended INCLUDED One axle
The Compression Bolt & Washer comes with 1 Compression Washer and 1 Clamp/Compression Bolt. These are precision machined options made by Tilt for riders who want a dialed setup. You'll find these included with all Tilt SCS, and these are a good upgrade compared to many other stock options in the industry. SPECIFICATIONS Washer Weight: 0.2oz Bolt Weight: 0.4oz Washer Material: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Bolt Material: Heat-treated alloy steel Bolt Thread: M8 Bolt Allen Key: 6mm COMPATIBILITY Compression: SCS and SCS LT Fork (M8 Compression Thread): All Tilt forks post 2016 INCLUDED One washer and one bolt
The Shim is a step down shim for riding different size handlebars. Shims allow you to use 1-ΒΌ" handlebars. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (38.1mm Height): 0.6oz Weight (45.9mm Height): 0.7oz Weight (47.6mm Height): 0.7oz Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum COMPATIBILITY SCS (38.1mm Height): Classic, Arc, Stage I SCS (45.9mm Height): Rigid Double Clamp (47.6mm Height): Classic, Arc INCLUDED One shim
WHEEL SPACERS The Wheel Spacers are utilized to ride different wheel widths in compatible forks and decks. SPECIFICATIONS Weight (3mm Length): 0.1oz per pair Material: Steel COMPATIBILITY Deck (3mm Length): Theory, Theory 002, Ten Year, Theory 3, Stage I, Formula Fork (3mm Length): Rigid, Stage I INCLUDED Two spacers
Griptape by Prey. Small logo, big grain. Size: 7" x 24"
Compatible with 2018 - 2022 Z-Series models.
Ethic Compression Key 6mm, to be used with the Ethic Compression Screw 6mm and ICS Forks.
Basic Ethic griptape, small grain but cheap. Logo print. - Length: 21,3 in (540mm) - Width: 4,9 in (125mm)
Weight: 0.14 lbs (63g)
Ethic Deck Axle. (Erawan, Pandemonium, Lindworm V2)
The Ethic Rubber grips are very famous because of the price, the hardness, the size and the comfort. - Soft - Length: 170mm - Diameter: 32mm
Ethic DTC 8std nylon brake with an integrated metal plate
Brand new headset form Ethic DTC - improved friction (even under high compression) - first freestyle/BMX headset bearing optimized for freestyle shocks and charges - 15% lighter (-10g) - improved compression ring design Weight: 1.9 oz (55g) Bearing: Ethic DTC Oracle design (different number/size of balls) Top cap: aluminum 6061-T6 Available in 6 colors: Black / Black Chrome / Chrome/ Red / Blue / Neochrome
Ethic Bar adapter to fill the slit of a bar and install it in SCS. (instead of cutting the slit) 31.8 for bars with a standard inner diameter
The Ethic Shim is made for SCS Compression Systems Forks and Oversized Bars Weight: 0.17 lbs (75g) Compression Type: SCS
Scooter stand for scooters with 12std wheels
Scooter Stand Pad for scooters with 8std wheels
Ethic Starnut ICS to put in aluminium bars only. Can be used with the Ethic Compression Screw. ICS 10. Weight: 0.04 lbs (16g) Compression Type: ICS
Material: Tooling Steel - Weight: 44g (1.55 oz) - Screw drive type: Torx 40 - Dimensions: 130 x 40 - Compatible with Merrow V3 / Pandemonium V2 / Pandemonium V2 BOXED (and next parts)
A wax as fattish as we like! Dimensions : 95x40x25 mm
Big Grain Ethic Griptape. Logo Cut. - Length: 23.1 in (580mm) - Width: 5.8 in (130mm)
Clamp Shim For use with Envy's 2-Bolt Oversized range. This will allow oversize clamps to run standard size bars
Hardware suitable for use with our Completes- One S3, Colt S5, Prodigy S9 Completes 1x Deck axle 50mm, (One S3, Colt S5, Prodigy S9)) 1x Deck High Tensile axle 104mm -Use with Nylon Boxed ends (Prodigy S9 Street) 1x 40mm Fork Axle (Colt S5, Prodigy S9, Prodigy S9 Street) 1x 28mm Fork Axle (One S3) 2x 24mm Fork spacers (Colt S5, Prodigy S9, Prodigy S9 Street) 2x 20mm Clamp bolts (5mm Allen key compatible) (One S3, Colt S5) 2x 20mm Clamp bolts (6mm Allen key compatible) (Prodigy S9, Prodigy S9 Street) 2x 24mm deck spacers with rubbers (One S3, Colt S5, Prodigy S9, Prodigy S9 Street) 1x 12mm Brake bolt (5mm Allen key compatible) (One S3, Colt S5, Prodigy S9, Prodigy S9 Street)
Hardware suitable for use with our Prodigy X Completes 1x Deck axle 62.6mm (Prodigy X) 1x Deck axle 85mm with nut (Prodigy X Street) 1x 40mm Fork Axle (Prodigy X, Prodigy X Street) 2x 24mm V2 deck spacers with rubbers (Prodigy X, Prodigy X Street) 2x 24mm fork spacers (Prodigy X, Prodigy X Street) 1x 12mm Brake bolt (5mm Allen key compatible) (Prodigy X, Prodigy X Street) 4x 20mm Clamp bolt (6mm Allen key compatible) (Prodigy X, Prodigy X Street)
Customise your stunt scooter with the newest CNC 6063 Aluminum IHC Forks available now. Compatible with up to 125mm wheels, these are some of the most versatile fork options for custom or pro scooters out there. Also Includes front axle, spacers and IHC compression kit ready to install. The 28mm & 30mm Spacers are also easily compatible for use with wider scooter wheels. These Diamond Fork upgrades are available in 3 classic colors: Black, Chrome, and Oil Slick. Specs: Color: Chrome Compression Type: IHC Weight: 0.247kgs/0.54lbs
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